Civil Ceremony

A civil registrar ceremony is a non-religious legal marriage ceremony performed by a government official or functionary. In the United States, this person is normally called a registrar. In American jurisdictions, civil registrar ceremonies may be performed by town, city and county clerks, judges and justices of the peace, or others possessing legal authority to support the movement.

Signing of the marriage register with witnesses present, at Sprowston Manor, UK.

In the UK, a civil registrar ceremony cannot include hymns, religious readings or prayers, and the marriage must take place at a registered or licensed venue to be legally valid. Many private premises are licensed to hold civil ceremonies. As well as each party to the marriage signing the register, signatures of two witnesses are also required.

About Civil Ceremonies in Italy

  • Civil ceremonies must take place in a specific location recognized by the governing authorities for civil weddings. In most cases these are historical town halls.  Occasionally a museum or villa/palace.
  • By law, the ceremony must include the reading of the civil wedding articles in Italian.
  • The ceremony is conducted by the Mayor or substitute.
  • We provide an official interpreter.
  • Some locations require you to sign a sworn statement a day or two prior to the wedding.
  • You may enhance and personalize the civil marriage ceremony with your own vows, readings and music.
  • Flower decorations are also possible.
  • Two witnesses are required, above the age of 18. If necessary we can provide them.
  • The civil rite lasts approximately 20/30 minutes.
  • There are no residency requirements to marry in Italy.
  • Outdoor civil weddings are possible only in certain locations approved by the governing authorities.

An Italy civil marriage is legally recognized in your home country, the marriage document is registered internationally.

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