Micro Weddings in Italy


Micro Wedding, what is it?

These types of weddings are becoming much more popular and because of restrictions around guest numbers for 2021 and 2022 we will definitely see an increase. A micro-wedding is defined as any wedding where there are less than twenty five guests, even though anything between thirty and sixty people is considered a small wedding here in Italy anyway. This type of wedding is sometimes a more casual event but really, that's your choice. As it costs less having fewer guests, there is a trend towards gourmet meals and delicious treats for guests, keeping well within your budget.

If you have planned on having a micro wedding or it's an adaptation to the COVID-19 restrictions, we are here to help you plan for your dream day.

Choosing a Micro Wedding Venue

Most venues we work with are ideal for micro weddings.

Selecting a venue that gives your guests the space they need to relax and enjoy on the wedding day is as important as the type of intimacy that can be experienced with a micro-wedding. Secret gardens, private terraces in historical buildings and dreamy beach coves are some of the most sort after.

The must- haves and essentials

Firstly our advice for your micro-wedding is making a list of all the must-haves, the essentials, that you see as part of your wedding day.

Maybe its important to you to have an amazing wedding cake, a full hair and makeup session, a live band, or a luxury meal. Decide what you and your partner really want. Then, we will go from there planning your beautiful wedding.

Having a live band on your list for example, doesn't mean you need to worry about the evening not being fun with fewer people on the dance floor. The beautiful 'Micro Venues' we have to offer you, have already thought of that. Enough space to dance the night away and still keep the social distance required, and, at the same time not giving that 'empty' look but instead a cosy, magical image.