Your Destination Wedding in Italy


 You have been dreaming of your wedding in Italy but don't know where to begin? I would like to share a little inspiration and a few tips on how to plan your destination wedding in Italy on my Blog page 

It's about vision and knowing how to bring that vision to life. This blog is about the starting point of planning your wedding abroad and having fun while doing it.

Planning a wedding abroad is a huge task and on the day there are a lot of moving pieces that must all fall into place. But, if your dream is to have your very own Italian destination wedding then maybe you should consider a wedding planner that actually lives in Italy to help you, . I would love to chat about weddings and share my experiences with you.

Let's talk about your ideal location in Italy. Do you prefer the northern or southern part? The Islands maybe? Think about airport locations to make travel easier for you and your guests. There are so many gorgeous venues here in Italy in every location, so once you have an idea of where in Italy, we can begin to look at the ideal venue for you.

Here we start to consider your budget. This is important whilst choosing your venue and I am here to guide you through-out and also give you some tips on how we can make some savings along the way.

The venue itself. The view will be the main factor I imagine. We need to wow you and your guests, don't we? What do you prefer, coastal, countryside or one of the many traditional Italian church settings? I find its always better to have a few choices and then, if you are coming over to visit, we can check out every detail of each one and more, if necessary.

If you have a particular date in mind, then let me know straight away. This will narrow down the choice of venues I will suggest to you, and we can 'pencil' this date in for a moment. Remember, you are not the only couple looking at this venue for that date. If you are flexible then you have a wider range of venues to consider and we can take a little more time considering them.

As a Destination Wedding Planner from many years, I have no doubts about helping getting you started and will let you decide if you wish to hire me as your Planner after we have spoken and exchanged questions and information over a short period of time. I am English, living here in Italy giving all that extra detailed information that you won't find elsewhere, and I'm just a call away.